Another quarantine day another #motd ...
Hi! I'm Alissa.

I’m a mom to four adorable kids (who of course drive me bananas), and wife to a man who found a way to fall in love with me with my RBF on.

I love champagne, fresh flowers, and fast food. I hate the sound of toy trucks on hardwood floors. I equally hate laundry. I still take naps with any child willing to take a nap these days! And I worry about everything [working on this one].

I’m hoping there’s still some room in the mommy blogging community for one more truth teller. One more mom out there who wants to keep things real and shed light on the ugly crying part of motherhood. It’s not all peaches and crème, but when it is you savor the deliciousness of it all!

So let’s laugh together, cry together, whine (& wine) together, until we have left no stone unturned on this thing called motherhood!


This blog is my safe space and should be yours too! Comment as much as you like, tell me when I don’t get it right, and if you want to hear more let me know! This blog is 100% run by me, myself, and I. So I’m here to listen to you and learn from you.


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