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February 2, 2018

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It's almost that time of year to plop down in front your big screen and anxiously await the outcome of the big game, or laugh and rate all the commercials, or just hang in for two quarters until the blowout halftime show! So whatever motivates you to turn on the Super Bowl, there's at least one common thing that seems to go hand in hand with the big game, and that's big food!...

November 23, 2017

[The views expressed in this post are my opinion.] 

The Super Bowl of meals is tomorrow and many families are in the throws of meal prep, house prep, and beyond as Thanksgiving approaches. Whether you're hosting a dinner for 4 or entertaining 30, there is generally always Thanksgiving leftovers. Now some people love just a repeat Thanksgiving dinner meal and don't feel the need to create a new dish from leftovers, while others...

September 14, 2017

[The views expressed in this post are my opinion.]

My husband and I are getting ready to leave on our first kid-free trip, in what feels like eternity!! & the troops are making their way to our home to help watch our three perfectly behaved angels...hahahaha! You didn't fall for that one did you?? I love my children dearly and they sure have some sweet moments, but right now they are in the mini a-hole stage, so needless to say...

September 11, 2017

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[The views expressed in this post are my opinion]

It's starting to feel like fall with crisp mornings and earlier sunsets, and I can barely contain my excitement! I've already bought my first gallon of apple cider, college football has taken over our TV [Go Hokies!], and I'm ready for the fall season to be fully upon us! We're still a couple weeks away from the leaves changing, and pumpkin patches o...

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Added to our homeschool curriculum: “Coo
Old Banana - Banana Pudding

Literally the easiest banana pudding you will make! If you've got old bananas that your kids won't touch (icky brown!) - DON'T throw them out! With just a handful ingredients you can take those old bananas and turn them into a delicious dessert!

Here's what you need:

  • 1 Box of Vanilla Wafers (store brand will do)

  • 1 Box of Banana Cream Pudding (if you don't want it too banana-y, then use vanilla pudding)

  • Milk (for use with pudding directions)

  • Cool Whip [8 oz tub) - (but if your husband buys canned whipped cream as was done in this recipe, that will surprisingly work too!)

  • Bananas (ripe and even old bananas)


Super simple. It's basically layers (think lasagna).

*Make pudding according to directions on box.

Start with a layer of cookies, but make sure the cookies are just touching each other - not overlapping.

Then layer with about half of the pudding.

Then layer with cool whip (or in this case a layer of whipped cream). 

*You can also fold in cool whip into the pudding if you want to fluff up the pudding and save yourself a layer. 

Then add another layer of cookies.

Then layer with bananas. If you have ripe but not old bananas, you can slice and layer in slices. If they are very old and kind of mushy, then you can actually smash them & then do a layer of smashed bananas [as I did for this version].

Add one more cookie layer.

Add remaining cool whip/whipped cream (I folded into pudding for last layer).

Layer remaining pudding on top for final layer.

Cover with plastic wrap and chill in fridge for 24 hours. That allows the cookies to soften.

After 24 hours enjoy with your family & watch the pudding disappear before your eyes.

*See photos below for a step-by-step look.


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