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It's starting to feel like fall with crisp mornings and earlier sunsets, and I can barely contain my excitement! I've already bought my first gallon of apple cider, college football has taken over our TV [Go Hokies!], and I'm ready for the fall season to be fully upon us! We're still a couple weeks away from the leaves changing, and pumpkin patches opening, but needless to say I've got fall on the brain! Here are a few of my favorite fall things - recipes, home decor, and more!

So Happy Fall Y'all & cheers to the start of a new season!

1. Fall home scents.

You can find delicious smelling candles in just about any home store from pumpkin spice to apple pie, and so many other fall variations, but my all time favorite way to make my home smell good during this season is to simmer a pot on the stove of my favorite fall scents. I particularly love this recipe from It's simple and smells divine! Follow the link to get the details:

2. Apple Crisp (really apples anything!)

If there's one way to get into the fall spirit, it's a good apple picking outing with the family - and then a crap load of apples to figure out what to do with! My kids usually pick apples that need to be consumed quickly; and since I'm no expert baker with little patience for making pies from scratch I go straight to my tried and true apple crisp recipe! You can find it here:

*& don't forget the vanilla ice cream!

3. Fall entertaining!

People who know me, know I love to throw a party or set up a beautiful tablescape! I love planning menus and figuring out flowers for the table, but my favorite part is getting family and friends together, around good food and just having quality time with one another. Fall is particularly one of my favorite seasons for entertaining with warm comfort food, the colors of fall, and a great time to gather people together before the hustle and bustle of the holidays set in. So whether you're hosting a small dinner party, a football game screening, or a special event - keep some of these entertaining tips in mind.

My fall entertaining go to's:

*Soup or chili on the stove. Easy for a crowd, perfect for a chilly fall day, and so delicious! Grab a quick cornbread mix or some rustic rolls from the grocery store to pair, and you are sure to please a crowd!

Here you'll find my favorite butternut squash soup recipe:

Here you'll find my favorite chili recipe [instead of chickpeas I use pinto beans]:

*Pumpkin flowers. Super easy ---> Fresh flowers + pumpkin.

To make: Cut out the center of the pumpkin, remove seeds & guts, place a cup (I usually use a solo cup) that fits inside filled with water, trim flowers to size, and place in cup.

Then you have a beautiful fall floral centerpiece for your table.

*Fall activities for kids. If you are hosting a gathering with kids make sure you have plenty of fun stuff to keep them occupied. We color and paint pumpkins every year, and it's always a hit! This activity is great both indoors and outdoors with washable paint/markers.

Other fall activities we enjoy include candy corn trees, fall colored macaroni necklaces, pumpkin bowling, and fall leaf wreaths (to name a few).

A lot of the crafts we do in our family you can find on my Pinterest board, crafts for kids.

4. The Great Fall Outdoors. Whether taking a walk and snapping some photos of the fall foliage or attending a fall festival, I personally believe this is the best time to enjoy the outdoors (and I don't think I'm the only one). Every fall we try to go apple picking, pumpkin patching, visit the Blue Ridge Mountains (here in VA), visit farmer's markets with fresh fall produce, and have picnic lunches/dinners while we still can.

Pack a thermos of hot apple cider for outings and fresh apples leftover from a picking adventure, and you are sure to enjoy this season as much as our family does. We try to make the most of fall before getting ready to "hibernate" for the winter :P

5. Speciality Coffee. Last, but not least, for you coffee lovers, latte lovers (like me), then you might guess where I'm going with this...the PSL! It's pumpkin spice latte time and this baby gets me through many busy mornings, and offers a good pick-me-up many afternoons. It just makes me feel good all over!

So again, Happy Fall Y'all from our little Virginia family here. May this season bring you yummy scents and yummy tastes, memorable gatherings with friends and family, lots of sweetness and spice, and a breath of fresh fall air as the holiday season slowly creeps in!

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