Pumpkinpalooza - Kid Friendly Pumpkin Crafts!

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We are well into October now and Halloween is just around the corner! If your house is like mine, then the pumpkins are starting to make their way into every room and you're wondering what to do with all the pumpkins?! We're calling it Pumpkinpalooza!

Here's a round up of some of our favorite pumpkin crafts & a great way to have pumpkin fun all season long!

1. Painting pumpkins!

This is our go-to pumpkin craft every year! There is nothing my kids love more than to just have a pumpkin and some paint, and the freedom to go to town on their little own pumpkin. This is also a great activity for a party with kids. You can find bags of little pumpkins at most local grocery stores and some paint from your local craft store (or a quick order on Amazon) - and you're all set! We like to use these paint sets so each kid has their *own* & the fighting is avoided!


2. Painting pumpkins - Fingerprint edition!

This year I stumbled across a twist on painting pumpkins on the blog Handmade Charlotte, in which she created adorable decorated pumpkins using fingerprints! The kids decorate the pumpkin with their fingerprints and then the fingerprints are turned into cute designs - like pumpkins, cacti or pineapples, etc.

We did our version with only Halloween designs turning the kids' fingerprints into pumpkins, monsters, and bats! For younger kids this definitely requires help from an adult, but my 6-year-old loved creating her own version! Supplies needed are simple: a pumpkin, paint (I just used some tempera paint I had on hand), & markers/sharpies for final designs. Let the fingerprints dry and then have fun creating the designs of your choice.

3. Melted crayon decorated pumpkin!

This was so much fun, but definitely a craft for older kids! My younger kids had fun watching, but it was slightly nerve wrecking with little hands getting sometimes too close to hot melting crayons! My 6-year-old daughter helped melt the crayons & seemed to enjoy the process, but still needed supervision and some help. She couldn't hold the hair dryer for the whole time it took to melt the crayons. This craft is fun and has a really cool look after it's done - but definitely requires adult participation and supervision!

4. Mummy pumpkins!

I found this great pumpkin craft idea on the blog Bliss At Home. If you're searching for a paint free pumpkin craft, look no further! This one is super simple and all you need is white duct tape, googly eyes, and a pumpkin! You can pre-cut pieces of the tape for the little ones, and older kids can cut and tape on their own to create a mummy pumpkin! For more pics and details click on the photo!

5. Confetti pumpkins!

Here's another paint free pumpkin craft from the blog CloudyDayGray, and it happens to be quite adorable! You can use pre-cut confetti or even make your own with any color choice of tissue paper. So all you need are three items for this pumpkin craft: matte mod podge glue, confetti/tissue paper of choice, and a pumpkin! For more pics and details click on the photo!

We are well into our pumpkinpalooza this week trying out all sorts of fun pumpkin crafts and really enjoying seeing our pumpkins transform for the season :)

I hope this post has given you some fun ideas to try at home with your little ones too. Feel free to share with me your pumpkin craft designs! Just hashtag on Instagram #worldsaveragemompumpkinpalooza

Can't wait to see all the awesome pumpkins!!

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