Recipe Roundup - Thanksgiving Leftovers!

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The Super Bowl of meals is tomorrow and many families are in the throws of meal prep, house prep, and beyond as Thanksgiving approaches. Whether you're hosting a dinner for 4 or entertaining 30, there is generally always Thanksgiving leftovers. Now some people love just a repeat Thanksgiving dinner meal and don't feel the need to create a new dish from leftovers, while others (like myself) enjoy a fresh take on leftovers! I'm also one of those people who really enjoys Thanksgiving turkey during the dinner, but for some reason I'm not a huge fan of the taste of the turkey the day after...So below I've compiled some awesome looking Thanksgiving leftover recipes that look amazing and turn your leftovers into something new! Some of these I've tried and others are new inspirations for this year. Hopefully one peeks your interest and becomes a new favorite recipe!

1. The Classic Repurpose - Leftover Sandwiches

This recipe comes from Berly's Kitchen and what she calls Thanksgiving Leftover Gameday Sliders! These are obviously perfect for enjoying while watching football the next day or even great for a quick bite after Black Friday shopping! You can try any combo of leftovers on your sandwich, but this recipe has the classic turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Just add dinner rolls to your shopping list and you have them on hand for the day after. You can find the recipe here with reheating and assembly tips! We are big fans of leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches for quick and easy next day meals!

2. Leftover Sandwich with a Twist - Turkey & Swiss Panini

Here's another leftover sandwich recipe from The Pioneer Woman (one of my favorites!). Now this recipe calls for some extra items that you may or may not have on hand, so if this recipe looks like something you want to try, then make sure to grab those items in the store when Thanksgiving shopping (swiss cheese, apricot/fig jam, dijon mustard, chopped pecans, & sourdough or other sliced bread). You don't need a panini press to make these, just a heavy skillet will work fine! Check out the recipe here for instructions and ingredients. Leftovers used include turkey and cranberry sauce!

3. For Pasta Lovers - Turkey Tetrazzini

I first learned of this dish from my mother-in-law, who I believe makes this every year after Thanksgiving, and my husband has been asking for this dish for a while now following Thanksgiving. So I'm pretty sure this recipe from The Life Jolie we will be trying this year & me being Italian I am happy to do so as a true pasta lover! Check out the recipe here to find out what extra ingredients you need (definitely pasta!) and again if you just grab them while Thanksgiving shopping, you'll have what you need to make this dish in the days following Thanksgiving.

4. The Cute Leftover - Turkey Stuffing Muffins

This leftover recipe first of all looks adorable and who doesn't love a muffin?! Again these call for stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce leftovers (but I bet you could mix in some mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes too). With eggs on hand and maybe some leftover stock these come together pretty easily and are very kid friendly! Check out the recipe here from another favorite site of mine Just A Taste for the instructions and ingredient details. I also think this is a great recipe to have little hands help with!

5. The Whole Enchilada...AKA the Leftover Casserole

This recipe (finally) incorporates the beloved leftover mashed potatoes! Nothing beats a quick casserole to revamp leftovers and crank out a new dish for the whole family to enjoy. This recipe from It Is a Keeper found here, is a layered casserole full of all the good Thanksgiving leftovers and requires little extra ingredients! Use a disposal casserole dish for even easier cleanup, because who wants to do MORE dishes after Thanksgiving!

So with that, I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Leftovers!

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