Christmas & the road to Motherhood- more in common than you think!

[The views expressed are my opinion]

You wait a loooong time for the big day! Just like Christmas, waiting for your little one’s arrival seems to take FOREVER. The months, turn into weeks, turn into days and finally a birthday arrives! The beginning months, while the most difficult in terms of morning sickness, exhaustion, and hormonal changes are similar to the beginning months of the year waiting for Christmas. You’re likely detoxing from the holidays, kicking off New Year’s resolutions - which let’s admit can sometimes be difficult! The celebration day is so far away that it’s a blip on the radar now, but it’s coming.

Then your 2nd trimester is pretty nice, your energy increases, you’re probably doing a lot more fun stuff and starting to think about the big day. I like to think of this as the springtime/summertime leading up to Christmas. These months of the year are filled with fun in the sun & they might include some outdoor walks, vacation days, and pool days. Some people are only slightly thinking of Christmas during this time, maybe just starting to look ahead to the fall/winter holiday prep. It’s not imminent yet and no panic has set in. For the expecting mama in her 2nd trimester, this is the time in which you’re starting to plan for baby’s arrival and you might even know if it’s a girl or boy! You might be starting your little one’s wardrobe, setting up a nursery, and tossing around baby names.

The final trimester, just like fall time around the holidays, kicks off the final haul for prep for the big day, and can get a little crazy. The honey-do list grows exponentially, the prep is now in full swing, and things need to get done. “Mama brain” starts to take over and the frazzle sets in. The big day is now only a moment away and the mix of excitement and panic is a potent cocktail that can drive you to insanity. Don’t fear though, because both scenarios while a bit hectic & messy, end with magic.

The magic of Christmas wipes away all the exhaustion, stress, and panic of getting to the joyous day. The same goes for bringing your wonderful bundle of joy into the world. Now here’s the big difference (in my opinion) - the best gift you will ever receive is the gift of a child. No gift under a Christmas tree will ever compare to the moment your baby is placed in your arms. So, while Christmas and having a baby have much in common like the planning, the exhaustion, the waiting, the chaos, the panic, the excitement, and the magic – having a baby and the love of a growing family are in a league all of its own.

[If you celebrate Christmas it's certainly important to remember that this common thread of a special birth truly can link the road to motherhood and the meaning of Christmas.]

**I’d also like to say, as an adopted child myself, that the gift of motherhood is a true gift in all of its forms whether your children are biological children, adopted, fostered, or provided via surrogacy, etc. **

So Merry Christmas to all my loving mamas out there, future mamas, holiday lovers, and to ALL - may all the magic of this season bring you happiness and cherished memories of Christmas and motherhood.

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