Super Bowl Sunday - Healthy Recipe Roundup!

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It's almost that time of year to plop down in front your big screen and anxiously await the outcome of the big game, or laugh and rate all the commercials, or just hang in for two quarters until the blowout halftime show! So whatever motivates you to turn on the Super Bowl, there's at least one common thing that seems to go hand in hand with the big game, and that's big food!

As many of you know I've set a large goal for myself for 2018 to clean up my eating and adopt a more healthy lifestyle, as I work to lose 100lbs. However, I don't want to forego fun parties and gatherings, AND good food! But the best part I'm finding so far is that there are lots of great and HEALTHY food options out there - even for Super Bowl parties! With this recipe roundup you can still have yummy, fun party food without sacrificing your health and adding a pound of fat and grease to your body. **Now if you are a healthy person most of the time and Super Bowl is your day to go to town on fried chicken, cheese puffs, and beer then YOU DO YOU :) But if you're looking to clean up your party foods without sacrificing taste and presentation, then look no further! I've gathered up some healthy and fun Super Bowl party foods that I plan to try for my own Super Bowl shindig, and a few of my classic party food favorites.

So unlike some of the other blogs out there that have the top 27 recipes, or intricate food displays, I've narrowed it down to a simple Top 5. With the below recipes you will have all your bases covered and are sure to please a crowd , without upping anyone's cholesterol or pant size :)

1. Chips & Salsa

I mean is it even Super Bowl if there are no chips & salsa?! Salsa in and of itself is a pretty healthy dish full of fresh veggies and herbs, but it can be the chips that get you (& the quantity)! Make this beautiful rainbow salsa from Gimme Some Oven & pick up a healthier chip option (I love the options at Trader Joes - see pics below). I like to add to the salsa some garlic and a little habanero or jalapeno for a kick (leave out those last two if you don't like the heat). I guarantee this salsa will be devoured in no time!

2. Mini No-Bun Burgers

Super Bowl usually means bring out all the meats! Sliders, wings, fried chicken, etc., but with this recipe you can still get those juicy beef flavors - but save yourself the calories, gluten, and carbs. If you want to take up the 'healthyness' notch make these into little turkey burgers to lighten up the protein. You can find the recipe here from Sugar Free Mom. She made them with a Thousand Island dressing, but you can use your favorite condiments: classic ketchup & mustard, mayo, steak sauce, etc.! That's just one thing I love about this recipe, how easy it is to adapt to your liking.

3. Deviled Eggs - Football Style.

If you know me, you know that I generally don't throw a party without deviled eggs. Eggs are super healthy for you and here's a great article talking about all the good found in eggs. So no need to leave these off your Super Bowl menu (unless of course you're vegan). Here's a really simple recipe which is my basic go-to recipe, adding in some paprika to the mixture and for topping. I also use dijon mustard instead of spicy brown mustard. Either will do - just pick your favorite mustard. The football laces (chives) of course add to the Super Bowl presentation!

4. Chicken Wings.

I don't think I could have left a wing recipe off this round up, so I found a super easy recipe that requires very little ingredients and is a healthy whole 30, paleo option. Even if you don't follow a paleo or whole 30 diet these are a great healthy chicken wing option. It's called Simple Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings - so seriously how easy does that already sound?! You can find the recipe here from Paleo Bailey and this will easily make a crowd happy and not sacrifice your health for the usual grease-dripping wings.

5. Fruit & chocolate dip.

Last, but not least, we can't leave out dessert! This dessert is perfect for Super Bowl since it involves dipping and who doesn't love a good chocolatey dip with some fresh fruit. Easy to make for a crowd and no one will know it's Paleo, Vegan, and Refined-Sugar Free. This chocolate sauce has so many ways to get used, like drizzle on your favorite frozen yogurt or over slightly toasted banana slices, yum! Find the recipe here from Paleo Running Momma. For Super Bowl make this dip and pile around it your favorite fresh fruits (strawberries, apple slices, pineapple, bananas) & let your guests go to town. Just have some extra napkins on hand!

Thanks for checking out my recipe roundup. I hope you will give some of these recipes a try. Feel free to leave a comment below and enjoy the big game!

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